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About Us

Us at Craters of The Moon National Monument in ID getting ready to explore the lava tube caves.
Waiting on our boat at the main dock at Isle Royale NP

We are James and Amy, and we’re here to share our experiences and tips for how we travel. We’ve lived in the Washington D.C. area for about 10 years, and it serves as the starting point for all of our journeys. Living in a one-bedroom high-rise condo has helped us appreciate and meticulously plan what to purchase, store, pack, and transport to make our trips become a reality on any mode of transportation.

We have always had the itch to travel and quickly learned that we are most passionate about visiting nature and crafting our trips around ways to see and explore it best, whether that is camping, hiking, backpacking, staying in a resort, taking a cruise, or just going on a weekend road trip.

Over the years, we have accumulated several bucket lists, including the one that inspired this blog: visiting all 59 National Parks, which has now grown to 63 parks. While visiting parks is a primary bucket list item, we have found so many additional places to explore just by planning trips around parks. We want to share with you all the tips, tricks, and experiences we’ve had during our adventures.